This Week in Quads #6

🔗Better miniquad error handling on linux:


thread 'main' panicked at /home/fl3/fun/miniquad/src/
X11 backend failed


thread 'main' panicked at /home/fl3/fun/miniquad/src/
X11 backend failed: LibraryNotFound(DlOpenError(""))

Link to PR

🔗MacOs exit hotkey

Thanks to markmurphydev MacOs miniquad window now closes with Cmd-Q and have all the Mac standart application menus.

Link to PR

🔗Road to 3d macroquad

A new example with a first take on a (very WIP) material system with customizable uniforms and shaders.


🔗Community projects

Feel free to post your own projects here by opening a PR against next week blogpost.

🔗miniquad on KaiOS

(from discord #showcase)

🔗Game development in Rust with Macroquad

A complete guide on how to develop a classic 2D shoot 'em up game using the game library Macroquad and the Rust programming language. It covers everything from a simple Hello World Macroquad application to adding graphics, audio, a shader, a graphical menu, and how to release the game on multiple platforms.

(from discord #showcase)