This Week in Quads #3

🔗blocking_event_loop on Mac OS

A PR by birhburh.

🔗macroquad configuration

Before, in the following example, config was supposed to return miniquad's Conf struct. Now it can return either miniquad's Conf directly and get macroquad's default launch arguments, or return macroquad's Conf and configure macroquad-specific things.

As the first macroquad-specifc argument, it is now possible to specify which event will wake macroquad up from blocking_event_loop.

In other words, this code will print "tick" only after "Space" press.

fn config() -> macroquad::conf::Conf {
    let mut conf: miniquad::conf::Conf = Default::default();
    conf.platform.blocking_event_loop = true;
    Conf {
        miniquad_conf: conf,
        update_on: Some(UpdateTrigger {
            specific_key: Some(vec![KeyCode::Space])
async fn main() {
    loop {

🔗Optional WebGL2 support on wasm

Miniquad always used webgl1 as the most commonly supported web graphics API. Now it is possible to optionally create webgl2 context and use version 300 es shaders within a standart miniquad.

PR with description

🔗macroquad test suite

quadtest is a little project that collects *quad related regressions in a single binary. This week it got a few atlas related tests.