This Week in Quads #2

🔗Option to reduce CPU usage to zero when waiting for an incoming event

Now its possible to halt rendering when waiting for the event. In other words, with blocking_event_loop: true the following code will not print Frame update all the time, while the button will be responsive and the "animation" will still be smooth.


async fn main() {
    let mut timer_frames = 0;
    loop {
        info!("Frame updated");
        if ui::root_ui().button(None, "Test") {
            info!("Button pressed");
            timer_frames = 50;
        if timer_frames != 0 {
            timer_frames -= 1;
            draw_rectangle(0.0, 100.0, timer_frames as f32 * 20.0, 60.0, GREEN);

PR with details

🔗JS version versioning rework

Since miniquad 0.3 pretty much all *quad based app started their life with this error. error
Version mismatch: gl.js version...

There was no trivial fix due to the versioning scheme miniquad used to have: each js file was suppose to correspond to the exact crate version. Now rust code can explicitly say which JS version it needs, which accomodates a lot better a real world scneario when rust crates updates a lot more frequently than JS.

Migration to a new scheme example:

--- a/js/audio.js
+++ b/js/audio.js
@@ -189,4 +189,4 @@ function register_plugin(importObject) {
     importObject.env.audio_playback_set_volume = audio_playback_set_volume;
-miniquad_add_plugin({ register_plugin, version: "0.1.0", name: "macroquad_audio" });
+miniquad_add_plugin({ register_plugin, version: 1, name: "macroquad_audio" });
diff --git a/src/ b/src/
index 357ec30..8c61541 100644
--- a/src/
+++ b/src/
@@ -14,11 +14,7 @@ extern "C" {
 pub extern "C" fn macroquad_audio_crate_version() -> u32 {
-    let major = 0;
-    let minor = 1;
-    let patch = 0;
-    (major << 24) + (minor << 16) + patch
+    1

PR with details

🔗Atlases fix

If build_textures_atlas sometimes leaded to weird visual artifacts - it might be fixed now.

let texture: Texture2D = load_texture("examples/ferris.png").await.unwrap();
loop {
    draw_texture(&texture, 0., 0., WHITE);



🔗Road to 3d macroquad

Main new macroquad promise: we are not limited to static batching anymore, it should be possible to explicitly batch geometry, draw directly or use instanced rendering.

This is an attempt to reproduce pixijs's bunnymark with new macroquad's instanced rendering.

Web build



On my t480 it gives ~20fps on 400k bunnies, while old, static-only macroquad was capable of 15fps at 20k bunnies.

Next goal - make it actually usable, and add instanced rendering normal shapes example.