This Week in Quads #1

🔗Post #1!

Now we have an RSS feed with a small, low effort, weekly progress summary.

🔗cargo webquad


One single command to "run" quad based project on web. Handy for quick dev builds.

> cargo quadweb serve --example basic_shapes --assets examples
    Finished dev [unoptimized + debuginfo] target(s) in 0.05s
Copying examples to "****/target/web-artifacts"
addr: http://localhost:8080

🔗Embracing HashMaps

Fairly big change from eloraiby: miniquad/pull/428

Instead of evergrowing plain vectors, miniquad resources now lives in HashMaps. No API changes, no measurable performance regressions and no constant memory leaks.

🔗Road to 3d macroquad

Sneak-peak into graphics part of future macroquad is now available as "v0.4" branch of quad-gl. Super unstable and highly experimental!

Gradual batching control with very macroquad-like API: basic-shapes basic-shapes

And some basic 3d rendering: gltf helmet