Docker cheatsheat

Android SDK is huge and have a lot of dependencies, all of them requires manual installation. Docker allows to make it once and basically clone a linux computer with everything android-related already pre-installed.

This article is aimed for folks who never seen docker before. It is not a comprehensive docker tutorial, just a list of things that is possible with cargo-apk image.

🔗Adding persistent cache folder

-v /tmp/registry\":/usr/local/cargo/registry\"

Full command: docker run --rm -v /tmp/registry:/usr/local/cargo/registry -v $(pwd):/root/src -w /root/src notfl3/cargo-apk cargo quad-apk build --release

This will tell docker to use /tmp/registry on the host machine for cargo's registry, therefore docker will not download all the dependencies on each build.

🔗Passing environment variables


docker run --rm -e RUST_BACKTRACE=1 -v /tmp/registry:/usr/local/cargo/registry -v $(pwd):/root/src -w /root/src notfl3/cargo-apk cargo quad-apk build --release

Useful when cargo-quad-apk does not behave.

🔗Interactive mode

-it .. /bin/bash

> docker run 
  -v $(pwd):/root/src 
  -w /root/src 
  -it notfl3/cargo-apk /bin/bash

[root@5aafd507681b src]#

This will run docker in an interactive mode: it will give a shell inside the container. Running cargo quad-apk build --release from that shell is the fastest way to rebuild the .apk.

🔗Modifying the container

> docker run
  -v $(pwd):/root/src
  -w /root/src
  -it notfl3/cargo-apk /bin/bash

> [root@5aafd507681b src]# rustup update

> Ctrl-D

> docker ps -a

CONTAINER ID   IMAGE              COMMAND                  CREATED          STATUS    PORTS     NAMES
9470f79a3f61   notfl3/cargo-apk   "cargo quad-apk buil…"   34 seconds ago   Created             determined_satoshi

> docker commit 9470f79a3f61 better-cargo-apk

> docker run -it better-cargo-apk /bin/bash

Run container in interactive mode, do all the required modifications, stop the container. Than "commit" changes to the container with a new image tag. Than use the new image tag in all docker-related commands. Note: it is possible to use docker commit 9470f79a3f61 notfl3/cargo-apk, new tag is an option to roll back into original image.


Tools from Signing the APK section of android tutorial are all available in the not-fl3/cargo-apk container.


docker run --rm -v(/home/USER/.android):/root/.android_secrets -v (pwd):/root/src -w /root/src -it notfl3/cargo-apk /bin/bash

will get a shell session with an access to .android and to the project root.

[root@960582514a32 src]# apksigner 
USAGE: apksigner <command> [options]
       apksigner --version
       apksigner --help

       apksigner sign --ks release.jks app.apk
       apksigner verify --verbose app.apk